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Тема: Straightforward Plans In Cheap Nfl Jerseys Revealed  (Прочитано 307 раз)
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Corina-Diana Tholvay : Great price and fit as expected on the pack and play mattress. We also purchased the 2 inch LA mattress for our 14 month old son, and the sheet for perfect on that as well. No complaints at all
Valentina Kunst : Excellent movie bio about Frankie Valli and the 4 seasons. Does have lots of strong language but it is part of the era that the movie took place. Lots of info about Frankie and the group.
Luii Collado : This whirlpool motor coupler is the same exact part I needed to replace in my Kenmore Elite 90 series washer! After some guided online help through videos I was able to replace my old coupler with this new original part quickly and easily. To my knowledge my original and this new one are virtually the same part. So if you thinking about getting this don't worry, it will probably fit many other types of washer models as well but be sure to check the seller/site first.
I did not read as closely as I should have in the product desсription as being the original part it does not come with the metal bushing which comes with the OEM (newer) part, something I was considering. No worries however, as it is sold for a great price and effective.



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